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Feng shuis tips for success and Improve Business

Feng shuis tips for success and Improve Business 

Feng shui’s tips for success in business

Feng shui is Chinese Vastu Shastra. In this, an attempt is made to balance the energy of the home, office or shop with the energy of the whole universe and the environment. In this it is believed that by placing some special object at any place, the energy there can be changed. Along with this, it is also believed that such yogas can also be made by changing the things and their directions, by which the desired desire can be fulfilled. There are many ways in Feng Shui to increase business.

By implementing the numerous Feng Shui suggestions, you can attract luck.  According to Feng shui they things bring good luck and happiness. Wind chimes, Crystal, Dragon, Laughing Buddha, Plastic flowers, etc. have great importance in Feng Shui. By placing them in a certain direction in your home or office, where you can get good luck in your home-family and job, you can also get peace and relaxation.

Use some things for success in business:-

Coin plant:- coin plant should be planted to increase business. In this, the plant of both metal and ashtha dhatu is available in the markets. Ashta dhatu plant is considered better for business. With the increase in business by applying it, the sums of money arrival are also made. The coin plant should be cleaned every few days.

Laughing Buddha :- laughing Buddha is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui. Keep his idol in the drawing room facing right, so that the first thing you see when you enter the house. It provides prosperity to the home.

Crystal Globe :- it is believed in Feng Shui that crystal globe should be kept on the office table to increase business. From time to time, rotate it with your hand two or three times a day. It is said that yang energy is released by rotating it, which proves to be good for business. Also, it should be washed with salt water every three months.

Picture of High Mountains:- by putting a picture of high mountains behind your chair in the office, chances of achieving success in business are made. You can also put it behind your chair in the office, chances of achieving success in business are made. You can also put it behind the business table. Keep in mind that put this picture like every person coming to talk to you about business should see this picture while talking to you.

Crystal plant:- crystal plant considered very auspicious for the growth of business, it should be kept in the north direction. This plant is considered to be a sign of happiness. It is said that keeping a crystal plant in the office never leads to Lack of money. This plant is very impressive.

Dining table:- some measures of dining table Feng Shui should also be done in the dining hall. A circular dining table is considered auspicious in Feng Shui, so bring such a dining table in mind that the number of chairs attached to the table in even.

Feng Shui coin:- hanging coins on the door handle of Feng Shui Coin house is a great way to bring wealth and good luck in the house. Tie three old Feng Shui coins in a red thread or ribbon and hang them on the door handle. This benefits all the people of the house . make sure that these coins should be hung inside the door and not outside.

Salt or alum:- salt or alum keep a bawl filled with whole salt or alum in the bathroom. Keep changing the salt of this bowl every month. It is said that along with the moisture present in the air, this salt also absorbs the negative energies around it.

Feng shui gadget camel:- according to Vastu feng shui, camel is considered a symbol of working in difficult conditions without getting tired. Camel is the best means of moving from one place to another on the sand in the desert, as well as it also acts as a skilled guide. Therefore, in Feng shui, it is believed that the showpiece of a camel is helpful in overcoming the difficult time of life.

Planting a camel is a very effective way to increase profit and productivity in business. This experiment creates a feeling of stability and firmness in those who have business relationships with you. Apart from this, when you wish that people related to you should work tirelessly for you, then keeping a camel in the right direction in the shop or office is a perfect Vastu remedy.

Fish Aquarium:- fish is a symbol of success in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, keeping a fish aquarium in the house brings happiness and good luck. Keeping goldfish in a small fish aquarium at home is luck and goodness.

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