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Since ancient days, pure honey is touted as nature’s best remedy to heal wounds, treat ulcers, respiratory ailments, skin infections and fatigue. Honey is also effective in boosting immunity and providing instant energy. But care must be taken to buy the best organic honey that is free from additives, preservatives and artificial flavours. Pure honey is unprocessed and retains the natural health benefits. Honey works better when taken with right combinations like turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper. Turmeric with honey benefits health in many ways including natural remedy to cold, flu, indigestion, lowering cholesterol, treating skin allergies and kidney disorders.

How does one determine if the honey is pure and free from additives?

Here are few quick and easy steps to test honey’s purity.

Water test – Take a glass of water and add 1 tablespoon of honey. Pure honey settles at the bottom.

Thumb test–Pure honey does not drift but sticks to the thumb.

Flame – When a matchstick dipped in honey is lit, it lights up in case of pure honey.

Honeycomb pattern– Take a bowl and add some honey and water and stir clockwise. If it is pure honey, it will form a hexagonal honeycomb pattern.

A glance at some of the top health benefits of pure honey

Since honey contains hydrogen peroxide it is an antiseptic which can kill bacteria and fungus

The presence of antioxidants makes honey best immunity booster.

The antibacterial properties make it an effective remedy for cold, cough.

When used as a face pack, it helps brighten skin and helps clear all infections.

Pure honey helps heal wounds quickly

Organic honey has natural sugars present in it along with enzymes, essential vitamins and minerals that promote health and energy.

Research reports indicate that pure honey can cure deadly diseases like cancer.

Easy home remedies with pure honey

Turmeric with honey benefits health, mainly the combination works well to control seasonal infections. Turmeric’s key ingredient Curcumin defends the body against infections. Adding a pinch of black pepper helps in easier absorption of curcumin in the body. According to studies, the compounds piperine and curcumin found in pepper and turmeric together lessen the impact of chronic diseases.

Here are few quick ways to use honey in your daily diet:

A pinch of organic turmeric and one tablespoon of pure honey can be mixed in a glass of lukewarm water and taken as turmeric tea.

Combining cinnamon with honey helps control blood sugar and boosts metabolism.

Regular consumption of 1 tablespoon of ginger juice with 1 tablespoon of pure honey helps in purifying blood.

A tablespoon of honey with crushed black peppercorns can help relieve sore throat and cold.

Honey is the best sweetener for fruit salad, juice, smoothies and sweets.

Using honey instead of sugar is beneficial for maintaining good health in the long run.


Qualities of pure honey

Though there are plenty of choices, when it comes to choosing pure honey, one must exercise caution before purchasing the right product. Honey is prone to adulteration where sugarsare added and sold at low cost. Check for these factors before you pick the right honey:

Pure honey is unpasteurised. Natural honey contains bio activecompounds called polyphenols which have a number of healthbenefits. The process of pasteurisationcan destroy honey’s natural enzymes and naturalantioxidants and nutrients might get lost.

Organic honey is free from additives. Natural honey is gathered straight from the floral nectar and does not contain any artificial flavours, preservatives or added sugars.

Standardised purity tests like NMR test indicate that the honey is pure and free from additives.

Dos and Don’ts of pure honey

Place the honey jar in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Pure honey usually crystallises but that does not mean it cannot be used. Best way to liquidise is by placing the honey jar in warm water for few minutes.

Do not keep honey jar in refrigerator.

Do not give honey to infants under 12 months as it can lead to infant botulism, aserious gastrointestinal condition.

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