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Here’s everything you need to know about the sandakphu trekking

Here’s everything you need to know about the sandakphu trekking 

Here’s everything you need to know about the sandakphu trekking



Is it possible to live in a magical land?

You will feel like you are in a magical land when you trek to sandakphu peak. This trek, which is at an elevation of 11,930ft above sea level, is also known as the “Trekkers Wonderland”. This trek is surrounded by great peaks such as Everest, kanchenjunga and Lhotse. It follows the singalila ridge at the southern end of the kanchenjunga range. This trek is renowned for providing stunning views and will be a great choice.

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Important points to keep in mind


  • The climate conditions in high ranges can be very different and it takes a while to adjust.
  • Be sure to not litter on the road or at the campsites


What to bring?


  • It is mandatory to have your own medication and first aid.
  • Warm clothes, toiletries and a spare pair of socks are essential. Also, make sure to bring extra socks, hiking shoes, woolen caps or mittens.
  • Your backpack, daypack and water bottle


Here are facts about the trek


  • It is considered moderately difficult.
  • This trek takes approximately 5-6 days.
  • The range is located at 11,930ft.
  • This trek will take you approximately 44km.
  • The nearest ATM is at the Jalpaiguri Railway Station (NJP).


Highlights from this trek


  • It is worth seeing the “sleeping Buddha” formation at the highest mountain peaks.
  • The spectacular view of Mt.Everest from the horizon.
  • A major attraction is the mysterious beauty of the sacred blackwater lake ” Kalapokhri”.
  • Finally, the magnolia and rhododendron flowers have their pink and red decorations.


The trek


  • The trek begins at the base camp at Maneybhanjang at an elevation of 1980 mts.
  • Gradually, you will start to trek and eventually tumble up to the peak of the singalila range.
  • It will be difficult to blink even a second because you only see the breathtaking views of the landscape.
  • As you climb up, you’ll be able to see meghma. You will be able to see the border between India & Nepal, with paramilitary camps at every major point.
  • Next stop is Kalapokhri. The beauty of the area is evident as you walk past the singalila National Park.
  • You will trek through dense forests. Springs bring out the beauty of springs with their pink-red rhododendron blooms.
  • You will find the mysterious black water pond, ” Kalapokhri”, before you reach the next stop.
  • From here, you can trek to sandakphu which is the highest point of west Bengal. This section is in Nepal, and Indian roads merge on the other side.
  • Sandakphu offers you a panoramic view of Mt.kanchenjunga, the great Everest, and the forest below.
  • It’s a beautiful sight to see the sun set behind the mountains and then crawl up again.
  • The massif kanchenjunga, Jannu and the kumbhakarna can be seen to its left. Pandim is to its right. This creates the “sleeping beauty”.


The best time to visit.

  • This trek can be experienced at any time between September and April.
  • Each season brings you a new feeling.


Views from the road

  • Tonglu lake is just 2km away from meghma. This stunning lake is located at the summit of the hill and offers a spectacular view of Mt. Kanchenjunga reflected in the lake.
  • Tumbling is the most visited village in Nepal. It offers a scenic view of the snow-laden singalila and kanchenjunga range.



You will see Srikhola as you descend from the Sandakphu Peak. The village and Srikhola river are two of the most visited places in Darjeeling. This village is a great place to relax in the natural beauty of nature and take beautiful photos. This picturesque village is found at the foothills the Singalila National Park. Red Pandas can be seen crossing this area. Relax near Srikhola and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.




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