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The Kheerganga trek takes you on a journey through Parvati Valley, revealing one of the valley’s many secrets. The views on this trek, which takes you deep into Himachal Pradesh, are invigorating, slowly revealing the terrain’s depth. This trek also provides ample opportunities to learn about the region’s beautiful and unique culture.


A trek to Kheerganga makes perfect sense for an upcoming trip if you are a beginner trekker as well as backpacker searching for a deeper hike in the Himalayas of Himachal Pradesh. When visiting Parvati Valley, it is one of the most highly recommended treks.


Kheerganga Trek Highlights: Maximum Elevation 2690 Mts Best Time to Visit April – October Difficulty Level Easy Duration 2 days Distance Travelled 12 km.


What is the best way to get to Kheerganga Trek?

The trek to Kheerganga begins in Barshaini, which is easily accessible via Kasol.



The closest airport to Kasol is Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar.. Flights to Bhuntar are few and far between, and aside from the frequency, the reliability can be suspect. For your onward journey, taxis and buses are available. The Mohali Airport (Chandigarh) is the next (safer, more reliable) option, which is about 300+ kilometres away.

Taking the Train

Joginder Nagar railway station is the closest station. You can hire a cab from here and be in Kasol in less than four hours.


By Road This is, without a doubt, the most convenient way to reach the Pavati Valley. The journey from Delhi to Kasol takes about 12 hours and covers approximately 565 kilometres. Make a lot of pit stops for a relaxing and enjoyable journey.



The roads from Delhi to Kasol are generally in good condition.All thanks to the fact that Parvati Valley is a well-known tourist destination, particularly among foreign visitors. The views, on the other hand, are breathtaking and make up for the long drive to Parvati Valley.


Taking the Bus

Numerous city buses depart from ISBT in Delhi for the overnight journey to Bhuntar. Volvo/Mercedes buses will be available for INR 1500. It will take approximately 8 hours to travel by bus from Chandigarh.You’ll need to change buses in Bhuntar and catch a bus to Manikaran, where you’ll get off at Kasol.



Taxis are available at all major stations (airports, railway stations, bus stops) – expect to haggle, especially if you’re getting off at the railway station. However, booking a prepaid taxi service is the best way to go about this. There are also shared taxis available.


Itinerary for Kheerganga

Depending on your fitness level, the 13 km trail from Barshaini to Kheerganga should take you 4-6 hours. Don’t forget to look over the list of essential items to bring on a hiking trip.


Day 0: Arrive in Kasol

Arrive in Kasol using your preferred mode of transportation and take in the village’s hippie vibes. It’s a charming little hamlet in Himachal that’s teeming with tourists and exudes an innate charm that you won’t find anywhere else.


Day 1: Arrive in Barshaini and begin the Kheerganga Trek.

Leave early in the morning, but make sure your travel plans for Barshaini are finalised the day before—it’s difficult to hail a cab or catch a bus in the morning. 6 is a good number.It’s the ideal time to make a career change.


There are several options for your Kheerganga Trek.

You have the option of taking one of three major routes. I took the road less travelled and it made all the difference, or something along those lines.

The Nakthan Route is the most popular because it is the fastest. In about 4 hours, you can reach Kheerganga. If you believe in the destination rather than the journey, Nakthan is perfect (though the journey is also lovely!). When you reach the Barshaini Bridge, turn left and begin your journey up to the Nakthan Village, which is located on the Parvati River’s left bank. Because this is the most popular route, it is well-marked and has a large number of tourists ascending the hill.


Kalga Route – Instead of turning left at the Barshaini bridge, take a right and begin your hike towards Kalga. Halfway through the trek, this route will merge with the main (Nakthan) route.Because you’ll be passing through dense forests on this trail, first-time trekkers may want to consider hiring a guide to accompany them on this Himalayan trek.


Tosh Route – A separate path that will eventually merge with the Nakthan Route. This route is also quite popular, especially among those who stayed in Tosh prior to embarking on the trek. Near Tosh village, the Tosh river flows by before joining the Parvati river near Pulga.




After completing the Kheerganga Trek, I would highly recommend ascending via the Kalga route and descending via the Tosh Route or even the Nakthan Route.


The hike is relatively easy, especially at the start, and passes through apple orchards. Nakthan has grown as a result of the presence of experienced hikers in the area, and there are a number of cafes strewn about. If you want to learn more about the hamlet life, you can even stay here on your way back.


Nakthan is the central point where all three routes meet. You continue on from Nakthan to RudraNag, which has a stunning waterfall. Here is where you should fill up your water bottles. Rudranag also has a lovely Dharamshala that was built specifically for him.


Trekking Advice

Get up early – It’s difficult to get up when the sun rises.

Nakthan should be a pit stop – this village is so beautiful and vibrant that it will be a great place to rest your legs.

Kheerganga is known for its Parvati Kund hot springs. It will be a sin not to visit while you are there!

Camping under the stars – Isn’t this a given? Ah, Parvati Valley’s magical, mystical skies.

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