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Leh Ladakh bike trip budget guide

Leh Ladakh bike trip budget guide 

Leh Ladakh bike trip budget guide


Why is visiting Leh Ladakh so expensive?

The issue is that a bike trip to Ladakh takes at least 10-11 days from Delhi. And, due to bad roads, landslides, AMS/health issues, and other factors, any trip to Ladakh is fraught with uncertainty, putting your reservations at risk.

As a result, the amount of money spent or planned to spend per day to reduce the overall cost of the Ladakh trip becomes critical. A cheap trip to Leh Ladakh lasts several days.


Budget Trip to Ladakh-


  1. Travel in April/May or August/September to save money:


Travelling during a less busy season has its benefits. Travelling in the off-season, such as April/May just as the season begins or mid-August/September just as the season is about to end has the biggest advantage of most hotels/guest houses being empty and more than welcoming to tourists/travellers. When compared to over-the-phone or pre-booked hotel costs, you can easily make on-the-spot bookings, which automatically lowers the cost. Because most hotels are empty, they are willing to offer substantial discounts, either on room rates or by providing a free extra bed. Most of the guesthouses didn’t mind if we had three or four people in the room.


  1. Travel and stay in groups of 3 to 5 on your Ladakh budget trip:


I believe that commuting in groups of 3 to 5 people is always preferable. If you follow Tip 1, you can have three people share the cost of the room, and in most cases, you will only have to pay room rent and the extra bed will be free. Usually shared a room for Rs 100-250 per day on one of our Ladakh trips, and we usually stayed with 3-4 guys in one room with 1-2 extra beds. Consider camping in Leh Ladakh to reduce the overall cost of your trip to Ladakh.

In terms of commuting, if you are in a group of 4-5 people, I recommend that the taxi cost be evenly distributed. More than five people necessitate the use of two taxis, so keep your group size to multiples of 4-5.

I believe we will use the following modes of transportation/commutation based on the number of people:


  1. Choose Bike Rental OR Shared Taxis for 1-2 people. Use public transportation or hitchhike on routes of least interest, such as the Delhi-Jammu-Srinagar Highway and the Manali-Delhi Highway, whenever possible.
  2. Select Taxi as the SUV type if you have 3-5 people.

Choose Taxi as Winger/Tempo Traveller if you have 6-10 people to save 65 per cent over hiring two taxis.


  1. On-the-spot Hotel and Taxi Reservations:


Pre-booking some hotels means that you are balancing your budget as well as the flexibility of your plan with some tensions to ensure that you arrive safely in places like Ladakh and Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, which is full of uncertainties such as roadblocks, landslides, AMS / health issues, and so on.

  1. Booking on the spot is less expensive and more flexible.

Remember that calling or booking over the phone will always cost you more. As a result, only make reservations on the spot. I believe you could save money on hotel bookings if you do not intend to stay at any specific hotel and are willing to search the area a little after seeing the room conditions once there.


  1. Do you remember my rule about leaving early and sleeping early?

If you book on the spot, the later in the day you arrive at a hotel/guest house/camp, the more bargaining power you have because they know you have the fewest options in the dark. As a result, “Leave Early, Sleep Early” will always be the guiding principle when travelling in the Himalayas.


  1. Choose your lodging and location wisely:


Most A-Grade or B-Grade Leh Ladakh guest houses, as well as some homestays, are clean and comfortable, with comfortable beds and western toilets (though sometimes shared).

Because the beauty is outside the room, not inside it, you only need a hotel to stay or spend the night in such a lovely beautiful place. This does not, of course, apply to those who have a lot of vacation time and prefer to stay in one place.

As a result, rather than a full-fledged hotel with amenities that you may not even require while sleeping, you can spend a comfortable night in a guesthouse.

There are decent but affordable places to stay in Manali Old Manali, Manali – Naggar Road, and Vashisth. Upper Tukcha Road, Fort Road, some clusters near the Main Market, Zangsti Road, and other areas have a plethora of low-budget, clean guesthouses.


  1. Selecting Dining Locations Wisely:


You will not only save money if you eat at some of the basic restaurants / local habeas, but you will also have the opportunity to eat local and fresh food in general. Allow yourself the opportunity to eat home-cooked Tibetan food at such local eateries. It does not imply that you do not eat at good restaurants in Leh Ladakh, but rather that you combine the two to keep your budget in check.

Always keep a water bottle with you and refill it as needed. Not only will it keep you hydrated at all times, but it will also help to remove plastic waste from the Himalayas.

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