Due to the countless complaints regarding noise levels, last September in the music festival at Newcastle’s Exhibition Park, lodged by the neighbors’ new rules by the authorities have been assigned.

This issue has raised the question of whether Exhibition Park will witness the ” This is Tomorrow festival “this year not. If not, it will have a significant effect, especially on Urban Green Newcastle, which supervises many of Newcastle’s parks.

The authorities are looking into the matter, and Urban Green is seeking permission and getting a new license to let them organize events at Exhibition Park. However, the authorities have decided to give the permit under certain conditions. Few of the conditions included the number of people, a notice to be given six months before arranging any big event, a time limit on weekdays, and many more. When these conditions were announced, Jon Riley, the chief executive of Urban Green, was disappointed and said they were not hoping for this decision.

However, according to Duncan Craig, who is a member of Urban Green, the strictest rule is the noise of the music. According to the rules, the organizers can keep the noise to five degrees, but Urban Green wants the limit to be extended to 10 degrees. Furthermore, Duncan Craig says that the council’s strict and harsh rules would prevent events at Exhibition Park. We hope you’ll find this news informative. For more engaging content keep supporting Therebellyon.