Iman anys famously known as Pokimane is a Morrocan girl mainly streaming games on Twitch. Betterley is famous for streaming lunatic games like league of legends and bold along with Fortnite. Pokimane’s Net Worth stands at approximately 2.2$ million dollars.

Discussing a simple fact, usually, when we open Twitch or youtube or any other means, we may need to watch a video of some minutes or sometimes seconds. But we always spend hours if we find something relevant to our interest, like dancing and music you will have your related tab full of bits of black and pink.

The same goes for gaming; You love to play games and your recommendation videos will emerge related to gaming. This is a simple algorithm of platforms like youtube and twitch, but this simple algorithm can help many content creators grow up with rocket speed.

The same helped the twitch girl streamer Pokimane; she is found on video content creation platforms. Entertaining her viewers with lunatic fun games-related videos and streaming. By only this means she has become an internet celebrity with millions of fans following her. We would be providing complete insight into how Pokimane’s Net Worth is more than 2.2 million dollars and the primary source of income for her.

Pokimane/Imane Any Biography:

Pokimane’s original name is Iman Any, professional gaming and streaming sensation of Twitch has more than 5 million followers on Twitch. Not only twitch, but she is also active on youtube, with nearly 3 million subscribers on her game streaming channel. Pokimane was born on May 14, 1996, in Morocco; her parents relocated to Canada with time. Pokimane wanted to live in America, so she chose the state of California and took the fame as a game streamer on Twitch.

Young lady iman/ pokimane is extraordinarily talented and hardworking; she can speak Arabic, French, and English fluently. She gained a degree in chemical engineering. Pokimane has a brother also, but she does not share a lot about him on social networks. She has no love life information, but she is engaged to a random guy in casual chats.

Pokimane studied at McMaster University of Ontario, located in Canada, but later she dropped out. She left the study to accompany her primary passion of gaming streams and moved to California to pursue her streaming channel to the next level. This was a man life decision for her growth, which earned a massive fan following of more than 5 million followers on Twitch. Besides all this, she is the first streamer engaged with one of her fans with just casual talk while streaming.

Moreover, she is active in live chat rooms with her fans and random people in the gaming crowd. This is a big plus about her that she provides a chance to her fans to meet their idols. It’s like a dream come true for her fans, which also explains how she got engaged with a random chat guy.

Career Of Pokimane:

Pokimane is famous for streaming games like Fortnite and league of legends. She started streaming on a popular streaming platform of amazon known as Twitch. The journey initiation was in 2013, but she got fame and colossal no fan following in no time. To be exact, Pokimane has 8.1 million followers on Twitch. Pokimane gained success on streaming games mainly, but engaging with fans in chat rooms also played a significant role in making her exceptionally grow in the community.

Along with games streamed on Twitch, she is also active on youtube and having 6.67 million subscribers. A total of 511 videos uploaded and no stream of games made her reach here, where she knows. She also collaborated on a song by Bella Poarch and played a massive role in the song.

Pokimane is beautiful, having high skills in gaming and experience of chat rooms. She is the person for which many people are found taking advice about games and life. She never hesitated to help content creators or her fans at any point.

Twitch Earning:

Alone from twitch streaming, she earns more than 8 million dollars a year, excluding promotions and sponsorship contracts. She recently also signed a contract of 3 million, which also played a massive role in building a net worth of more than 2 million. If we add up youtube, videos views count on her channel are nearly 40 million in total. Youtube videos alone make her earn more than $15000 per month. According to the social blade, she earns about $200K per year from youtube monetized channels.

If we calculate in total, she is earning nearly $10 million a year from her streaming channels and sponsorships. The insane growth of her channel also leads her to win the shorty award for best streamer of the year in 2018. Her channel is the most-watched streaming channel since 2017 among the top hundred channels. On average, she streams on her channel for 4 hours a day, earning her millions of views.

Facts about Pokimane:

Pokimane has an influential personality which we can guess by having a huge fan following on Twitch, Youtube, and Twitter. Imane’s family background is discussed, but now she has the only mother, which she described as a best friend. She can speak in multiple languages like French, Arabic, and English, and having a degree in chemical engineering describes her as a source of knowledge. She is helpful to others, making chatrooms for new content creators relate to this fact. Moreover, she is 27 only and a millionaire, earning a heck of money because of her consistency and hard work.


The story of Spokane is a lesson for girls and women that they are not behind anyone if they believe they can. Pokiamane streams games and creates content on a greek subscription box, vlogging, unboxing, and narration videos. She is an award winner who played a significant role in her growth. Streaming, videos, channels, fans, and sponsorships have earned her reputation and money both to a great extent. She is a gaming sensation with a net worth of more than 2 million dollars in 2021.